What's Next?

I've passed along my experiences dealing with female domains such as rest rooms, bra magic etc.
We have touched on the contents of a purse and the do's and don'ts of fashion and location.
To all of you I'm sure it is fairly obvious I obsess on everything female. Here's an example. Tonight I got home late from work and turned on one of the top chick flicks of all time..."Pulp Fiction"! Just kidding of course.
If you aren't familiar, the 1994 movie was anything but a "chick flick". Fairly early in the movie, John Travolta goes to Uma Thurman's apartment to pick her up for a date, When he arrives there is a note on the door telling him to come on in while she dresses. That was it. My male interest in the movie was over.  I immediately thought of how long it took me to get myself presentable last night. (I'm the half hour girl)
The next shot of Thurman was on her lips and a wicked shade of red lipstick. I need it!!!! On we rolled to Travolta's and Thurman's date in a retro fifties diner. All I saw was Thurman's amazing eyes that seem to fill up about half of her face. What make up tricks did she use???? And what about her attitude? Wow! Just have to capture just a bit of that ultra confident personality.
Another role model of mine is the star of the old  "Weeds": series.with sexy Mary Louise Parker on Showtime.  Parker's character is the ultimate example of a strong, confidant beautiful woman.
Well girls, so much for enjoying "Quentin Taratino's" classic movie about gratuitous drugs and violence.
Maybe a real "chick flick" would have been a better choice?


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