Winter Solstice.

In my part of the world, the "Winter Solstice" has come and gone. As I was finishing up some quick gift shopping  tonite, I was probably in the majority complaining of the cold and snow. On the way home, I turned on some Christmas songs on the car radio and tried to shake off the chill.
As I looked at the bare trees, I thought of all the people who have moved to a warmer climate.
Then I thought of how the bare cold trees will look in about three to four months as they make the transition back to life.
Cold climate, transgender or not... we all our transitioning through life. My genetic female best friend said it best:
Her new diet is transitioning to a new body!
As a pre Christmas greeting to all of you, good luck on what ever transition you are experiencing.
Just remember what that cold bare tree will become in the future!


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