Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Heads up! Another Cyrsti's Condo Sunday Edition has hit your virtual front porch.  Get your cup o joe and jammies ready!
Page 1.- The Week That Was-or-Wasn't:  It was an easy choice this week, the story of Bruce Jenner, who at press time was involved in a fatal accident. Unharmed, Jenner was being chased reportively by the paparazzi. Also riding on Jenner's possible MtF transgender transition was helicopter traffic reporter Zoey Tur. I just can't imagine sitting around the average American dinner table when one of the so called entertainment shows once again features either one of them.  Maybe stealth doesn't look so bad after all!
Page 2.- Transgender Seniors: For some reason this week, I fell and couldn't get up on the topic of transgender seniors and nursing homes.  An exceedingly tough discussion for anyone but worse of course for trans women and men.  Connie commented:
 "Having an advocate, like your daughter would be, is probably the most important thing for anybody when confined to a hospital or nursing home. I've had to be that advocate for family members and a friend, and I shudder to think of how much worse it would have been for them had I not made certain demands regarding their care. But, we know of so many transgender women and men who have been abandoned by family and friends. This very thing has led to suicide for too many of our transgender brothers and sisters. We, the survivors, must realize that getting past the pain of what life has handed us is not going to be of much help when we have to give up our own identities in order to receive medical care; care that could save our lives (even though we may feel as though we're dying inside at the same time).
Page 3.- Returning to the "Seen" of the Crime: Many times I think you lose track of your changes under HRT. Last week, for the first time in a while, I went back to one of one the venues I literally transitioned in. Wow, how times have changed! As I said in the post, two of the original bartenders are still there and no the venue itself didn't find itself in a "dangerous" neighborhood over the years. Go here to revisit the post.
FemulatePage 4.- The Back Page.  Congratulations this week to Stana of Femulate fame celebrating another blog anniversary! She is incredible! And, so are all of you for taking time to visit Cyrsti's Condo time after time! Thanks!