Sunday, February 8, 2015

Who will you be this Spring?

Nice subjective question I saw pop up in one of my email boxes this morning and I paused to see who it was from- I quickly saw the email was coming from one of my "dream" fashion sites "Free People" . It's a boho clothing site featuring clothes I can't possibly wear or afford but I can dream. My part of the dream is simple, even though I may not be able to buy or fit in to "Free People's" clothes-I can learn from them and find less expensive alternatives which will fit me here and there.

So, who will I be this spring?  Or, who do I want to be?  After looking at Free People's offerings, I knew.  I want to fill my bucket list up with water and swim in it.  I know how to swim but have never embraced it and felt it was something I  could never do as a girl. As you all know, never or ever are words I embrace less than water.  However, this summer may be the chance to frolic in my bucket of water. It's big to me too because I view the whole experience as one of the ultimate's in feminine expression-until I get eaten by a shark!

Now though, with my HRT changes in skin, breasts, hips and hair-it may be time.

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