Cyrsti's Condo Sunday Edition!

Ker Plunk! Another edition of the Condo has just hit your "in box". Good day to Y'all!  I hope the weather Goddess is beginning to show a bit of kindness in your part of the world as she is here.  However, at this time of the year around here she is rather fickle but then again, being teased is fun.

Page 1.-The Week in Review.-  Transgender service men and women were back in the news this week as a major study concluded what we all knew, trans service members should be granted all the rights of any other person in the military.  Just as important was the fact the "Prez" could make it happen with only his signature.  The classic so near and so far away.  Why would he do such as simple thing as guarantee rights to a neglected segment of the population when so many other key issues in the world go unattended?

Page 2.-Beauty/Fashion.- With the change of seasons, comes a change of fashion-if your season actually changes or not. Your climate could be similar to the year I spent in Thailand where winter was 60 degrees and monsoons were the only other noteworthy seasonal change but it was time for the latest in rain fashion. This winter taught me yet another valuable HRT skin lesson. Exfoliation was easy-  if you want to lose an outside layer or two of skin , just go outside without a ton of moisturizer for the briefest time. (Which I know you girls up North already understood!) Now I  hear we have a 50-50 chance of another El Nino which normally means our summer will produce temperatures just north of Hell.  I'm already checking my wardrobe for sleeveless tops as I'm looking forward to the benefits of less muscle definition in my arms and the overall texture of my skin. As the fashionista's say, in summer the greatest fashion accessory is your skin.

Page 3.- We Got Mail.- Thanks Mandy for the comment on my "Horse's What" post:

At one point a long time ago, I donated my first ponytail to one of those cancer you a good feeling to help! But it grew back, and since then, breakage has taken its toll, shortening some spots to the point that they won't stay in a ponytail. Thus my hair stays loose...bummer. A ponytail would work great in the summer!
A while back I heard "that part of a horse's anatomy" you mentioned, referred to as "the north end of a southbound horse." Took me a minute to figure that out, but - it sounds better than some of the alternative descriptions! Maybe a bit more politically correct?

Mandy, I believe I was born with a "non political correct gene!"  As far as my hair goes, so far my partner is the only person allowed to approach me with scissors and she does trim my bangs and loose ends here and there.

Page 4.- The Back Page.-  This week for me has been one of unrest.  For some reason I feel like I am at a standstill in my transition which I know isn't really true.  As with anything else in life, there are peaks and valleys and HRT is no different of course. If you are making the hormonal transition, it's sometimes easy to forget you can't measure changes by the size of your breasts when so much is internal.

Page 5.- The Calendar.- The next three months or so are going to be exciting with all sorts of activities.  This week, I'm attending a transgender community meeting for the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio area as a beginning.  I can't believe after that, March is all but history and then I have committed myself  to finishing my book before the TransOhio Symposium  the end of May.  At the same time, a plethora of TGLB Pride events begin in my area until the end of June.  I'm looking forward to them because I have never been and I'm a great people watcher!  In many ways, I think either I won't notice or meet many other transgender women.  Obviously our goal is to have a good time and not be flashy and draw attention to ourselves.  An interesting dynamic when you put us somewhere in between the gay/drag community and the lesbians.  I know too, many cross dressers use a pride event to strut their "stuff!"

So there you go kids, as always, thanks so much for stopping by "theCondo".  You are my "faves!" and by the way - is St Patrick's Day a big deal in Ireland too?