Look Behind the Headlines

Cincinnati has an area of it's downtown which used to have the dubious distinction of hosting more murders within a certain area of any place in the country.  Now it's being transformed block by block into a thriving restoration area-almost.
About a week ago, the area was hosting their annual "Bock Beer" Fest and one of the local TV stations was doing a segment of the area and it's recovery.  Of course, as soon as they did, about a half hour later, they reported a person was shot and killed only two blocks away from the festival.

I recently read two stories from Brazil which played out the same way.

The first of which came from the New York Times and featured a look at the rise of transgender models recently on the runways of Brazil. One of which is Melissa Paixao, shown at the left.

Then, not much later I read the story of a slain "transvestite" in Brazil.

Of course I'm not bringing up Brazil for unfair criticism. Especially after I read the story of  Andi Dier. a transgender woman from New York who was roughed up by the employees of The Irish Times Pub and Restaurant in Holbrooke.As she was bruskly removed  from the premise,  Ms Dier says they used transphobic slurs and tried to take her I phone after seeing she had recorded part of the incident.

The moral to the story is, as transgender women or men in any part of the world - many times headlines are just that- only headlines.


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