I Don't Get It

"Although my heritage is not Irish (British/German/Hillbilly), as you all have probably figured out, I am not one to shy away from a big party.  Many others aren't either.  What I don't understand is why bigots try to ruin it.

Fortunately, mayors and sponsors of two cities, New York and Boston are coming out against the madness of keeping TGLBQ groups out of the parades.  In fact, both mayors refused to even be in the parades.

As important as that is,as always money is even a more powerful motivator. In response to the bigotry, major sponsors such as Sam Adams and Guinness Beers are pulling their financial support from the parades as well.  Their reason was simple and to the point. It was the right thing to do. Plus, just maybe, we TGLBQ peeps support their products!

William Belli  http://cyrstiscondo-cyrsti.blogspot.com/
"Wearin' o da green with William Belli"
My hope is St. Patrick  would feel the same way. If you are Irish or "faux" Irish, enjoy the day, responsibly!


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