A Horse's What?

Yesterday, I was heading through the grocery store and in a rare moment of energy, I had a little "spring to my step" because Spring actually looks as if it may be here. (50 degrees yesterday! Whhoo Hooo!)

As I bounced down the aisles, I noticed the fun feeling of my pony tail flipping around behind me. I entertain easily and started doing it on purpose as my hair is very close to the middle of my back now.  I quickly wondered if the young girls I see with flowing bouncing pony tails feel the same way?  I'm guessing they do and don't. I'm fairly sure the feeling is reassurance of their overall femininity but on the other hand, their hair after awhile just becomes part of their everyday being.

Plus, long hair does take extra maintenance too, so I can see why girls such as my 12 year old grand daughter cut their long hair. She is more of a science and math nerd, so long hair as a boy magnet isn't so important to her...yet. Plus she did donate her hair to a cancer organization - to add to wigs.

Following all this heavy thinking in the store, I became even hungrier and headed for the salad section thinking what the heck, the whole experience was just an extension of the numerous times I have been referred to as a certain part of a horses anatomy. To give you a clue, the pony tail is attached to it!. Mine of course is attached to my head. Some would say, there is a certain symmetry there!


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