What's In a Name Part 12

We have bounced the idea's of how we "renamed" ourselves here in Cyrsti's Condo more than a couple times and I promise not to bore you again with this post.  (Better said than done!)

Many of you have sent in comments about how you came to choose the feminine moniker you now use. Idea's such as, family names, women you admire or even the sound of the name are equally as relevant.  I have written how I impulsively chose Cyrsti one night (pronounced Krysti) when I was at the very beginning of considering transitioning from a cross dresser to a transgender woman.  The name caught on before I could consider the ramifications of what I was doing because it is simple enough for the public to use ...if they don't have to spell it plus (I never considered) how the unique spelling allows it to be found in internet search engines.

I have also have written here about my desire to choose another name, which comes from a respected family member from my youth. The name is Jessie and ironically was my grandfathers name. The poetic justice is, my long deceased grandfather was a strong well respected man in his community. Leave it to me, right?

Last week, I even brought the subject up of changing gender markers as the next tier of my transition process with my partner Liz.  Having the "steel trap mind" she thinks she has, it took her approximately a day to mention when I was going through the process, it would be a "now or never" moment to do the name thing.  Don't tell her I said this, but she is right, the synergy is there.  Over the years, I have known any number of transgender women who went by one name before SRS and one after.  Just because I'm not going through the physical torment of changing my genetalia, I am taking all the final legal steps to wipe "male" off my records.

Then, the more I thought of it, I'm not the "social butterfly" I used to be and am slowly but surely moving to a new area, so why wouldn't it be a good time for an appropriate name change?  Doesn't matter anyhow, there are more than a couple peeps out there who would love to use less appropriate names with me than the ones I just mentioned.

It's just a new take on the old theme, "you can call me Cyrsti, or you can call me Jessie", just don't call me tranny, she male, dude, it, or a-hole!