A Cyrsti's Condo "Must Read!"

From the HuffPost Gay Voices, comes a must read post by Adrian Acosta called "Why Men Come to Me to be Transformed into Women."

Here's an excerpt:

  There are many things I love about doing makeover transformations. I love my client's faces gleaming with delight as they see their femme selves in the mirror. It's like a child's face on Christmas morning. It's the kind of happiness that is contagious. I love that they are emotionally transported to an alternate universe where they are a beautiful, sensual female: The female inside they have suppressed for years. To tell you the truth, by the time I'm done transforming them, I have a hard time believing that they had been males just a few hours before they arrived in my studio. To me they are a beautiful female standing in front of me; I respect them and treat them as such.

On a deeper level, I love the fact that while out in the world there are men robbing, stealing, raping, killing, etc. -- in my Transformation Studio, it's just me and my client; two men relaxing, having fun, chatting, laughing, creating sensual art. Imagine how peaceful and fun the world would be if more men allowed themselves to get a Boy-to-Girl Transformation, to literally walk in women's shoes?

Truthfully, as I started to read the post, I was thinking snarky/bitchy thoughts like is Adrian some sort of SRS God? Can change he men into women with magic makeup? Or, am I going to read yet another "drag centric" post from a cis gay man who has no idea what my transgender world is like?  I was pleasantly surprised and I think you will be too because Adrian covered much of what I didn't expect to read- and more.

I did wonder though, if more than a few of his clients developed a taste for feminine finery from school day "womanless pageants" or even fraternity "hazing" shows. Plus, if just for a second, you can enter the world of an attractive or beautiful woman, what a powerful elixir it can be!

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