Heavenly Make Over

My first real makeover certainly wasn't as dramatic as the previous post by Adrian Acosta but at the least, something I can identify with.

Some time ago I have related this story in Cyrsti's Condo but it fits again now.

As I was really getting out of the closet and going to cross dressing meetings in both Cleveland and Columbus, one of the meetings offered free makeovers by a guy.  At the time, I thought my "look" was about the best I could manage.  For the most part, I was still experimenting with a bewildering array of make up products, shades and colors.  In addition, I never had the money or the courage to take advantage of one of the make up "pros" at one of the local department store makeup counters. (Remember, this was in the early 1980's.) That evening, the thought of having a man do my makeup almost sent me running but I hitched up my big girl panties, took off all my makeup and sat down.

He did wonders.  There is a school of thought that a male makeup artist can do better with a male face because he has experience with them and understands the nuances of beard covering etc. I don't know about any of that but when he finished with me I was nearly speechless- which is almost as rare as embarrassing me. Not only did I think I looked great, I received all sorts of compliments from the group. Even the "A-list" snooty cross dressers were impressed and I received a rare invitation to go with them later on in the evening. The "take this bitches" moment came when it was me who attracted the undivided attention of a man in one of the venues we went to.I've added the "red" picture to my left because that wig is similar to the one I was wearing that night.

However, as the bewitching hour approached, "Cyrstirella" had to return to her reality and go home to a male existence which she was never sure of.

Sure experiences such as the make up night provide all kinds of great memories, then again, there were huge learning moments I missed, which turned into major dark episodes of my life.

More on those later!