The Small Things in a Transgendered Life.

Didn't seem possible but today was time to call in my first estrogen and Spiro refills..
Of course I took a bit of more time to reflect on what changes occurred during  my first month on HRT. (Jan 30)
Previously, I have mentioned a couple real changes in my overall personality plus a new sensitivity in my breast area.
Overall I have been quite a bit more mellow for whatever reason-until this morning.
I just had this unreasonable paranoia this morning that for some reason the VA wouldn't refill my meds. When the automated system said yes the meds were refillable and on their way, I first felt relief then a real sense of satisfaction. I really was doing all of this and it is not a dream I will wake to some day.
Today was also fun when I discovered I could actually tie my hair back into a "itty bitty" pony tail for the first time in my life.
The only drawback was when I noticed I was ditzing out and taking half of the "Spiro" that was prescribed. If you didn't know, "Spiro" is essentially a blood pressure medicine that reduces or "blocks" testosterone.
Being the math genius I am, I saw I had twice as much of one prescription left as the other. Both were filled at the same time for one month. DUH!
Perhaps I would have seen a bit more changes?
At any rate, the past is the past and the present feels pretty good right now!
I go to the Doc again on Wednesday, so we will see how that goes.


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