Buy More Girl Scout Cookies!

It is no surprise that the backlash over a young transgender girl joining the girl scouts would reach the cookie market.
The new "Cookie Monster" in this case is a young robotic 14 year girl calling for a boycott of girl scout cookies.
Check "Jezebel" for one take on the story.
Then, let me spin it my own personal way.
My daughter and granddaughter are very active in girl scouting. My granddaughter did hear the story and asked Mom what a transsexual was.
As I have told you all, my daughter is incredibly supportive of my transgender status and we have discussed when and how to tell the grand kids.
In this instance, my daughter just explained what a transsexual or transgendered person was. She then stepped back and let daughter come to her own conclusions. The conclusion was-there wasn't one. Granddaughter shrugged it off and went on with her life.
When the time comes to discuss my transgendered transition, daughter plans on using the girl scout example as a great lead in!
I love scouting in my family and I will buy more cookies!


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