Another Transgendered Positive!

If you have read about the transphobic assault in the Tennessee legislature about transgendered use of public restrooms-here is an enlightening poll.
From the "Chattanooga Time's Free Press" comes this poll:
"Should transgendered individuals be required to use the rest room of their birth gender?
By a vote of 1034 to 135, the voters responded with a resounding NO!
One of the 135 was the woman who verbally attacked me in a restroom recently. (Except I don't live in Tennessee).
If you have followed the story about the bill in Tennessee, I just saw on the "Free Press" site the bill ( new anti-transgender “bathroom bill”  filed in Tennessee’s General Assembly today by a Republican state Senator.) did not get a sponsor under "breaking news".
So hold off on your nasty thoughts!
Thanks B! for the lead!


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