Transgender and the "Chaz"

By choice I really haven't written much about "Chaz Bono's" appearance on "Dancing With the Stars."
After all, what could I really add to the story about "Cher's" former daughter who crossed the transgender fence and became her son.
I do however, follow a "Chaz" story or two and occasionally find something of interest on occasion.
One was an affirmation of Bono's recent television appearances. (Which I do find to be a positive for the transgender community)
The affirmation came from a transgendered female to male attorney by the name of  Dhillon Khosla .
I wondered who "Dhillon" was anyway and who cared?
It turns out he wrote a book about his transgendered journey to manhood called One Man’s Journey Through Womanhood
I haven't read the book but decided to pass along the before and after pix of Dhillon.
I've mentioned several times how fascinated I am with our transgendered brothers. Perhaps the before and after pix here explain why.
For the life of me I can't understand why Dhillon would give up that wonderful hair!
No just kidding.  (Maybe)
Deep down inside I do understand why he made the change. I just have a hard time accepting him giving up the female existence that I desire so much!
The end result is I'm so happy he could do it!