Writer's Cramp PMS?

Every so often I just can't come up with anything "profound"
I know what some of you are thinking...hell, she never comes up with anything profound. Ha Ha.
My week was profoundly good this week due to some great interaction with several friends I have. You are all sooo wonderful! You see you have to use the word profound in it's context!
As I sit here wondering if this post will go any further than the last three I started and stopped; what am I missing? Where can I go?
Well....there are several coulds.
Could it be the candid honesty of a 7 year old at a friends house when he first saw me. He calmly said "boy?" and I calmly said "sometimes". His lesbian grandma tried to silence him somewhat and I said he was only being honest and the whole process was just educational.
Could it be the all encompassing process of spending an entire day with a friend and discovering yet another layer of femininity. I didn't have time to worry about the world viewing me as female.  I only had to view the world as one.
Could it be my gender forces within having yet another brief battle with the tire guy as a guy or the intense sympathy I felt as a girl as I tried to softly console her.
So I guess life is always tossing "writer's cramp" at all of us.  We just can't see the forest for the trees.
Some trees just grow faster than others and are difficult to write about!
Let's see...where  did I put that Midol?


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