Maybe It Does Get Easier?

I agonized all day long before I called the recommended physician who would work with me on administering hormones.
I finally summoned all my courage and made the call.
Of course the first thing that happened was that I was on a lengthy hold. (It seemed like hours!)
A totally frazzled receptionist finally answered my call and I found  all my worry was wasted effort.
I nervously told her I was a male to female transgender person and had been referred to the doctor by my psychologist.
She was great.  She calmly asked me if my interest was in hormones and how far along was I in my transition process. I calmed down and told her all I could.
As she asked about how I was planning to pay and other questions, she mentioned an appointment was in limbo for a short time as the doctor's whole practice was changing.
It turns out the practice is changing from family based care to one totally based on transgender, gay and lesbian health care. In fact the doctor has been so busy he is adding a partner.
Once again I witnessed how different I'm not. The transgendered population is opening the door and exploring life in their chosen gender!
The best part was how she explained how closely the doctors would work with me on the hormone program!
I really need to stop worrying so much and get on with life.