Keeping the Door Open!

On the way down the hall with my psychologist, she spoke briefly of the strides transgendered vets such as I have started to make in good old "conservative" Ohio. Some of the other professionals at the center it seems are starting to "reach out" to other gender experts in the community for advice.
She also mentioned some of the directives within the VA and the military itself concerning gay and transgendered vets as positive changes. Then added she hoped the new thinking would continue. However,
I have mentioned she said no doctor in this clinic would consider dispensing hormones but there could be other altrnatives she was checking into.
When and if any of these alternatives actually materialize, I will pass them along.
In the meantime, I'm happy to be able to help any other transgendered sisters or brothers walk through the same doors I did. By all indications there haven't been many or any before me.
I'm sure all of us know trangendered men and women seem to always be the last to benefit from advances; after the gay and lesbian community.  We have to work harder to make more of our opportunities.
The most important point she made is we all have to keep these doors open to make the most of the future.