Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trangendered Reality Versus Validation Part II

As promised, here are some more observations from my weekend day out with a girlfriend and her son.
The day was easily my most complete day as a woman since the NFL game I went to with another friend last year.
As I pointed out before, I live a lot of life as a girl. From socializing in straight venues to shopping I do it all.
So why was the weekend sooo different? 
The difference (I feel) is the fact I had no escape route.  All my favorite spots have built in escape routes if I need them.  Bartenders and managers know me.  I know the paths of least resistance if I need to use them.
I knew before the day was over I would have to brave the "porta potties".  Of course the sanitary conditions were a big challenge but the public was a bigger one. Here I was in the afternoon light waiting my turn with both genders of all ages.
No way out, If I wanted to live life as a girl, these situations were as necessary learning experiences.
Sure I was validated as a woman by standing in line and taking care of business without a second look. Reality was doing it.
Reality was not sneaking away from "hawkers" singling me out attempting to sell things. Again there was no where to go. I had to smile and keep on walking.
Bottom line was I was put in a corner..enough playing , talking and planning about being a girl.
It was time to put the woman where the mouth was!
She loved it!!!!

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