She Went There!

Last night I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for awhile.(cis-female)
We exchanged hugs and pleasantries and chatted along about life.
For some reason she asked how I was really doing
The answer that flowed effortlessly surprised even me,although I had given it much thought. I simply said "I'm tired of being a male in any part of my life. Once I figure out the financial considerations. I'm done."
As I said, I obviously have given this considerable thought but really had never vocalized it to myself or anyone.
It was very therapeutic! Perhaps I knew it all along but was afraid to face the girl in the mirror.Maybe her feminine intuition knew it way before me!
We finished the conversation with a brief discussion of the risk of hormones and surgery (which at the time I don't feel a real need for except in the breast department) and went on our ways.
It was very nice to see her and again and even nicer to hear from my "soul girl"!

Under a whole different topic....the pop up box you see on the blog is actually from ":Twitter".  I'm sort of experimenting with using it as more of an immediate input into the blog. So when you see really short incoherent statements, it's more than my incoherent mind. I'm still playing.
For example last night, the seats next to me produced a revolving door of different types of people. From gay guy with straight girl to two women to foreign guy to my friend.. that seat produced it all.
I will have to write you a post about the "magic chair"! It was quite interesting.


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