Stare Down! At the Transgender Corral!

"The Corall"
In a bathroom. A ladies bathroom of course.
A restroom "pass" is a precious thing to me! In order to keep it, the fewer women I have to meet up with the better.  I always try to sit where I can keep an eye out for whose coming and going to have the least traffic.
Knock on wood, life recently has been pretty good. My "C&C" (comfort and confidence) level is quite possibly is at it's all time high. A restroom incident wouldn't be desirable!
Last night wasn't so much an incident but more of a happening with no real idea of the outcome.
As I entered the "corral" there were two or three younger women hanging out and talking about guys of course and I had to walk between two of them to get to a stall,  They looked at me closely but never really said a word about gender. Which is usually the case with their generation.
They left quickly, leaving the room to myself and another woman. She finished first and I was trying to time my departure from the stall when she was leaving the room. Hearing the paper towels being pulled is my cue. Not fool proof but close.
Last night was different.
As I left the stall, she turned to look at me.  The second or two that we locked eyes seemed like an hour.I normally look away or say hello. Last night I didn't. I just locked eyes with her This time it wasn't my "deer in the headlights" look. It was more like the gunfight at the "O.K. Corral". "Go ahead and draw your weapon lady! Well she did.
She said "they are out of paper towels in here. I wanted to warn you." Really? That's it? I shook off my surprise thanked her and she headed out the door.
Of course my mind wouldn't let it go. She was sitting only couple seats down from me at the bar with a small mixed group. No one even gave me a second look when I came back to my seat.
So once again I wondered what really happened in that second.
She was close to my age and was dressed up and made up which is rare. Our hair color was about the same and I was wearing younger casual clothes.  She could have thought a woman my age needs to cut that hair. My clothes weren't that radical. She was wearing some sort of bright patterned jacket with black slacks. I'm sure we both thought we would not be caught dead in each others clothes.
The only scenario I can think of is my makeup. With the long straight  black hair and olive makeup and if I do my eyes and cheekbones's almost a native american look. Maybe she was a "Cowboys and Indians" fan. Last night was just a throw down night in the bathroom? Or maybe she just thought I was a bitch!