Trans and the VA

More and more transgendered veteran information is showing up in the media with the recent repeal of "don't ask don't tell." in the military.
Reports are surfacing about the VA providing meaningful care but seemingly has no real policy. Not a surprise that we are falling through another set of cracks.
Along the way, I did find a transgendered vet story that closely follows mine.
The VA actually prescribed hormones to a bi-polar vet and let her work three months in their library to pass the requirements. I have to believe this is a very rare instance.
I too am bi-polar and I take a very good regimen of drugs that keep me as normal as I can be! Every couple months I check in with a "junior shrink". I call her that because she is more qualified to dispense meds than counsel. However, I'm one step away from telling her my condition and seeing the real shrink.
Problems are cropping up however when transgendered veterans actually have legal name changes.  All important records are being disturbed and if you ever have been in the military, you know how disturbed that can make you!
I am reaching a juncture in my life where this is all so important to me.  Do I think anything meaningful will happen soon? No, but that won't stop me from trying to lend what support I can to make it happen!


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