Another Year?

Doesn't seem possible. 2010 went by in record time it seems.  The end of the year calls for a slew of resolutions. Most of which, we can't keep.
I wish I was smart enough to do a "best of" piece from all my posts. I'm not. Plus that would be your job not mine!
I do know the year started for me as a girl for the first time in my life.  Symbolic or not, the coming of the new year as a girl was not a disappointment.
Highlights? Easily the top moments of the year revolved around finding a core group of really good friends. Some read this blog, some don't. I can't say how much I love and respect all of you!
The second top moment was deciding on who I was. For years, I was very close to really understanding exactly what my inner female was all about. 2010 was her year to come out!
Coming out made the third top moment easy to pick out. Easily, the trip to the Monday Night NFL Game was huge! It was my time to live my life as a regular woman in a setting I used to think was not possible!
Number four had to be my first real dates with men who were interested in more than a quick hotel room quest. My feelings were quite the surprise!
Finishing at number five is this blog itself.  Just being able to communicate my life experiences has been wonderful. Ideally, if someone can benefit from any of my life then I have succeeded in "paying forward".
Positive Karma is good!
The "experts" tell us not to set resolutions that are too difficult to achieve. I guess that worked for me. I only wanted to start the year as my girl self. Life took over from there.
For 2011? I only want to enjoy my friends and life. We all know life is a slippery slope. I just hope all of our slopes are climbable and you all have a safe and happy New Year!