Gender Migration


Image from Stephan 
Stephancik on UnSplash

From the early days cross dressing in front of the hallway mirror to finally coming out in the world as a transgender woman, I found my gender migrating away from my masculine side. 

The migration was slow at first because my old male self was resisting any and all changes to his existence. It seemed the more I tried to cross dress as a girl, the more he hated the process. The problem quickly became more apparent after I appeared in the mirror as a girl, which would involve or invoke a fast reaction as he responded negatively to anyone else in the world. Family and friends became targets of his gender frustration. Why? Because even though he did not know it, he was fighting an impossible battle. Even though it was possible for him to win the occasional battle, there was no way he could win the entire gender war. My feminine inner soul was just too strong.  Every time she was successful in coming out to the world, she wanted more and more.

Through my life's middle years, advancing in my job and raising my daughter, my migration slowed but never went away. In fact, it showed up in the most inopportune times when I had company business meetings to go to, or a family vacation to act as if I was having a great time when all I wanted to do was go on the vacation as a transgender woman. Of course my wife always sensed I was having a problem and tried her best to pry my thoughts away from me. I became very good at hiding my emotions as any true man would. 

In my case, I found if I waited long enough and tried my best to express my true feminine gender the best I could away from my wife and friends, I could get by. Those were the frustrating migration days of sneaking out behind my wife's back and beginning to establish myself as a woman in the world. At the time, I viewed the entire process of slipping down a very steep and slippery slope which would change my life forever. As much as the process scared me, at the same time I desperately wanted it to succeed. At times, too much when I couldn't keep my mind on which gender I was day to day. I knew I had gone too far when a stranger in my restaurant would refer to me as a woman instead of the macho man I was playing that day. 

Finally, I gave up, started gender affirming hormones and started a totally serious pursuit of a gender migration. From that point onward, I let go of my old unwanted male self and re-entered the world as a transgender woman. As I always point out, friends and family were there for me to enable my final migration to be a successful one. I am not sure I could have done it without them.