Sunday, March 28, 2021

Did Gender Fluidity Nearly Kill Me?

 It seems to me the term "gender fluid" has just become popularized by the younger generation of queer women and men everywhere.  My idea was reinforced recently when I attended  a transgender - crossdresser meeting. Several of the participants were 20 to early 30 somethings  Along  the way, they mentioned the idea of being gender fluid.  Or how they wished somedays they could work as a guy and the next as a girl. 

Oldest known picture

At the time, I wondered  if being gender would have worked for me, or was I at all? 

Then I realized I tried being gender fluid and it led me to a suicide attempt. I was trying to live part time in my old male life while at the same time attempting to learn to live as a transgender woman. 

Hormone replacement therapy came along and forced my hand. If I was going to choose a gender, it would have to be the higher maintenance feminine one. When I started HRT, it seemed all too quickly I was growing breasts, my skin was softening and my hair was becoming long enough to tie it back into a pony tail.

At the time, I wasn't planning on the process happening so fast. So, very quickly any thoughts of being gender fluid left my mind. Even though the term itself was probably a decade away from being used at all.


As I proceeded on my journey, it was increasingly evident I was home. I had discovered what deep down I always knew...I was born to be a girl/woman. 

In conclusion,  I wish anyone trying to pursue a gender fluid life the best of luck. It nearly killed me.


  1. Maybe, instead of a being under the Transgender Umbrella, we're all in the Transgender Pool. Some are content to dip their toes in to test the water, or even wade in the shallow end occasionally. Some of those may work their way to the deep end, as they learn to swim, while others will just take a high-dive directly into the deep end. Then, there are the ones who are happy to float freely, back and forth, from one end of the pool to the other.

    I spent so much time treading water in the pool that I reached the point of exhaustion. I'm very thankful, though, that I never considered letting myself sink to the bottom.
    Sadly, by the time I made it to my proper side of the pool, I was too old to look good in a thong bikini. :-)

    1. My problem was judging how much water was in the pool!

    2. It's best not to try a high-dive into the shallow end of the pool.:-)