I would like to take a second and thank the professor and nearly twenty students who joined in for a virtual class I recently participated in.

At he last minute the other day I was asked to step in with a couple younger transgender women and men to share our life experiences including dealing with trans discrimination.

I found the class from Mt. Saint Joseph's College here in Cincinnati to be attentive and curious with good questions.  

Most of the questions revolved on how the proper way transgender people should be approached and treated. 

For my input on discrimination, I recounted my rest room experiences back in the day when I had the police called me, when I was called a pervert to my face and finally was asked to leave a couple venues. 

The professor then asked me if I thought times had changed for the better as far as the transgender community is concerned. 

I answered yes. Regardless of the previous administration in Washington, we have made strides to fight forward. After all, I remember back in the 1950's in Dayton. Ohio when men were rounded up and arrested for simply cross dressing up as women.

Now I have another university class coming up in April virtually at the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio which I am really looking forward to.