Saturday, February 9, 2019

Always on Stage

It shouldn't come to anyone in particular as a surprise,  when you cross the gender frontier and enter the feminine world, you are always on stage.

For example, today I went Liz's martial arts class and then to our usually busy grocery store. Today wasn't too bad though because we weren't dealing with a snow storm like Connie is in Seattle. Hopefully she stayed home and won't be catching any fish at the fish market. I hear it's tough on acrylic nails!

At any rate, as I waited for Liz's class to end, a woman came in with her child for the next class. Along the way, she struck up a conversation about what all the different color uniforms meant. As we exchanged pleasantries, I don't know if she ever realized she was talking to a transgender woman, or even cared. As we chatted, I was glad though I put a little extra effort into my makeup.

A little later, at the grocery store, I was happy too when a product representative asked to take a picture of us when we stopped to sample a fresh pasta product. I almost said only if I could get a copy for my blog.

When I got home and started to relax with our usual PBS cooking shows (Public Broadcasting), I began to realize one again how women are always on some sort of stage. Plus, as transgender women we have to work twice as hard to close the looks gap with cis women. I am so envious on occasion when I see a cute cis woman in her leggings, loose sweater and baseball cap.

I guess I must be doing something right though when Liz makes gentle fun of me for taking too long getting ready to go.

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  1. Haven't you ever seen a grizzly bear catch a salmon straight from the stream, using their claws? I think my acrylic nails could serve me well in catching a fish, even if I'm not so grizzly. :) The hard thing is being able to type accurately when the nails get too long, as mine are now. BTW, not all of us in Seattle go down to the Pike Place Market every day to catch a thrown fish.

    With about eight inches of snow surrounding my house, I will, indeed, be staying inside today. Still, I will make myself pretty, if only for myself. What else do I have to do - watch cooking shows on TV? :-)