Sunday, February 10, 2019

It Will be Interesting

The week coming up promises to be busy and complicated at the same time.

Weather wise, all the heavy rains we have had translated into flooding around here. The Ohio River and several of it's tributaries have combined to close a few roads close to us. One of which is a portion of the main route I take to Monday's cross dresser - transgender support group meeting I attend. The same one which was closed for a landslide the last meeting. This time though, I am going to try to be more brave and go. I will not however, try to cross any high water.

Tuesday's trip North to my therapist is all on high ground, so I don't anticipate any problems. Plus Tuesday night we both have a dinner to go to at a local BBQ chain.

Thursday of course is Valentines Day. Liz and I are planning a night out at a local Cajun restaurant to eat some shrimp and grits.

Finally, and I am just guessing here, we will have another invite to eat Italian Saturday night. Maybe I should have labeled this post "A culinary week."

Switching subjects here...if you are an international visitor to Cyrsti's Condo (like Jeni in Australia) you may have experienced some difficulty posting comments here on the blog.  The only thing I know is I have been getting at least a half page of new rules from Google on international posts. Also, I think I gleaned from the mess, they are going to shut down Google Plus in the future. Please remember you can always email me at Thanks!

Also this week, I will face the latest struggle known as "me and my hair." As it stands now, I am enjoying my soft waves and curls. When my next washing comes around though, either myself or Liz (she volunteered) to blow dry, brush out and basically straighten my hair. I used to do it on occasion until I fell in love with my curls.

Finally, I will have to strip my nails of their color this week. My "burgundy dream" color has ran it's course and I doubt if Liz will have time to get her nails done this week, so I will have to "go naked" again for awhile.

As I wrote, I have an interesting week coming up!