Monday, February 11, 2019

It's Almost Time

Every once in a while this time of year, Momma Nature gives us a quick promise of Spring before Winter sets back in.  It's a great time to think about what I have left in my wardrobe to wear when the weather finally breaks around here.

Example of Modilly top. Not the one I wanted.
Just sitting here thinking about it, I think some shopping will be in order. My mind still has not adjusted to the fact I actually wear clothes out now. Back in my earlier days before I went full time with my Mtf transition, my clothes lasted me a long time. My only concerns were people seeing me wear the same thing all the time,

I do know I have several lightweight summer tops I could wear but they do nothing to get me through the chilly Spring weather.

Of course, the other day I screwed up with a possible on line purchase. As I was opening Cyrsti's Condo to work on it, I saw a top I loved on what I think was a Modlilly ad which showed up on my feed. Since Google takes a dim view of me responding to what are supposed to be my own ads, I lost it into the "ozone." Never to be seen again. I even went to their site to see if I could find it, with no success. I am more confident ordering from them because I have once before and the size I ordered worked out.

This season, finances permitting, I am going to try to get a head start.

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