Tuesday, January 29, 2019


For know of you who don't know , Cincinnati, Ohio (where I live) is a very hilly city on the shores of the Ohio River.

Last night was the scheduled transgender - cross dresser support group meeting I somehow have become a mainstay attendee.

Yesterday though, due to the heavy rains we have seen, my route to get there on a highway which curves along the river was closed due to a landslide. Plus we were expecting a wintry mix ahead of an arctic vortex Wednesday and Thursday, so I decided not try my hand at a tricky detour to get there. I figured too, the rest of the group could muddle on without me.

 So, I lost the chance for yet another post about the group.

Later on in the week though, we will have another chance to go to the monthly karaoke social and undoubtedly get invited out Saturday night too. So, I'm sure, I will have gossip to pass along to all of you.

This weekend too, thanks to Ohio weather, we are expecting temperatures near sixty. A change over three days of approximately 60 degrees (F). It's no wonder everyone is sick!

Now I have to head back to my wardrobe. It's going to be a challenge to find enough layers for the cold and not look like a Pillsbury snow girl!


  1. So, just as the weather changes, sometimes to extremes, so do our transitions. Learning to avoid the landslides and adapting to the changes is how we grow into womanhood.

    Do you giggle when your tummy is poked? :-)