Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Trans Ohio Symposium

Nothing really earth shattering happening this week as we approach the Trans Ohio Symposium  and my workshop.

As I have related to several times here in Cyrsti's Condo,  I am going to be speaking on "Wall's, Fifty Years" in the closet. My therapist was ultra interested in how I was going to approach it this week during our session. I joked, I was going to wing it but finally told her I had printed former blog posts to refer back to. Much of course is predicated on how many peeps show up, their age mix and how they fall under the transgender - cross dresser umbrella. One of the more difficult things to do too, is to figure how much time should be left for questions and answers.

All I know for sure is, the hour goes ultra fast.

I also found out the lead transgender care person at my Dayton, Ohio Veteran's Administration Campus is going to be doing a lecture also. I am planning on attending to make sure I catch up on any information I didn't know and to just meet her. I think I have but am not positive.

Outside of those two places I know I want to be, the rest of the weekend is set up to be one of fun for Liz and I. She is taking Friday off from her job, so we can get our nails done and hopefully get an early start on what usually is a two hour trip one way.

Finally, I am going to try to archive a couple blog posts for the weekend if I have enough material to attempt to write about!

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  1. Do you use PowerPoint for your presentation? Yesterday, I had my last class on PowerPoint, which I took just to add to my resume. I wish I had an actual presentation to make now, as I found it fun and very useful for adding pizzazz to a speech.

    I'd like to, someday, find all those old pics of myself (Polaroid and VHS, mostly), digitize them, and then make a slideshow fading one into the other to show my progression through the "closet" years, and then in my transition. I haven't even looked at those old pics for years, but I think it would end up being a bitter sweet project. If I'd only known in the earlier days what I know now about myself, I wouldn't have wasted my youthful look in the closet. I've avoided looking at those old pics since I began transition for that very reason!