Thursday, April 26, 2018


If there ever is a time when changing genders becomes a little more intense, it's when you start to pack for even a short time away as a transgender woman.

My upcoming trip is only encompassing three days but it seems like much more. I have to dress for a couple travel days, then have outfits for a Friday night mixer and a long day on Saturday. Which includes teaching a workshop and going out to eat on Saturday night at a venue we go to every year.

Ironically, having too many choices to chose from is also causing me anxiety. Plus now, on Friday before we make the two hour drive to the Trans Ohio Symposium, I just found out we have to take one of the cars to the mechanic. So Friday I have to dress causal for the day and pick up the pace some for the evening.

Then, of course, there are the essentials to consider, such as make-up, under garments, shoes, medicines and the like.

It's definitely the polar opposite from my days as a guy and packing was a half hour deal.

I will let you know what I forget :)


  1. So, you have left the closet, but you don't know how much of it you needed to take with you? Remember that the group on the Minnow went for a three hour tour, but the ladies had enough outfits to last for years on that island!

  2. I use a spreadsheet to organize what I have to pack!

  3. Yes, the usual 'fun' of packing luggage for attending an Event.
    I know that 'fun' only too well. It takes me about half an hour to pack for a trip down to my mother's, but for flying to an Event, about an hour.