Sunday, May 8, 2016

JJ's Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Listen up, another J.J's Mother's Day Edition has hit your virtual front porch.

Weather report: Overcast and a bit chilly here in Southwestern Ohio, cup o joe weather to be certain! Grab a cup and lets get started.

Page One: the Week that Was or Wasn't: As the country continues to focus on North Carolina, I was focused on two trips to the VA and a medical procedure my partner Liz went through. All seem to be doing well, thanks!!!! 
Yesterday I already mentioned being seen by a transgender woman doctor which was different, exciting and inspiring. The other visit was pretty normal as I get.

Then, as I alluded to so briefly in the "Visit with the ' Family" post, (The family are LGBTQ community members,) it seemed the whole world had a need to know more about us or was one of us. My best example, as I was spending a whole day in a hospital waiting room, was the receptionist who finally couldn't stand it any more and asked softly was I trans? I said yes and proud of it, why? She said she had a friend who was in the closet and was considering what most of us go through, coming out and possibly wrecking her life or staying in and struggling.

She was a warm and caring person I wish I could have helped more, but told her what I could.

Page Two: Yesterdays Coffee: Opinion: It's Mother's Day, and regardless of all the cheap shots about being called a Mother in your life, our Mom's hold a significant spot in our hearts.
In my case, I took awhile to "forgive and forget" the mean old days when Mom said she would provide me the cash for "electro shock therapy" to rid myself of my gender confusion. Years after she passed though, I remembered it was probably a decade after that when we transgender women and men were removed from the the psychiatry "sick" lists. So she seriously thought she was doing me a favor. At any rate, I got the last laugh when I legally changed my middle name to hers.
So Mom, here's to you. In all the dark and bright days of my past, you were probably the only one who truly cared.

Page Three: Page One cont. Before I forget, Friday after I talked to the woman about her transgender friend, I ran into a young lesbian woman running a fast food restaurant where I stopped to get food I was sorry I paid for later and Liz's all night nurse was a gay man who used phrases like De-Nile" wasn't just a river in Egypt. I know I'm biased, but what a truly colorful world it is if people just look around.

Page Four: The Back Page: Well kids, it is time to frolic in the park before it rains again during our own personal monsoons. Thanks for joining us here at JJ's! Love you all!!!

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