Saturday, May 7, 2016

Visits with the "Family"

Perhaps you have heard of the LGBTQ community (individuals) being called "The Family." During my seemingly huge leave of absence around here, I ran directly into my fair share and maybe some of yours too of family.

Beginning Thursday morning (I won't say bright) I had an another appointment with my VA therapist. For what ever reason she couldn't be there so I did a "walk in" which left me to the highest bidder. Or biggest loser. My appointment though was anything close to a loss when I quickly discovered I was talking to a real live transgender doctor at the VA. 

Of course I was geeking and trying to keep my mind on the subject of why I was there to start with-me and I never grow tired of talking on the subject.

Plus, part of the discussion just had to center on coming out stories and the world at large now for transgender women and transgender men.

Maybe I will have to look around a little closer the next time I am seeing a new Doc! 

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