Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Laverne Cox on Entertainment Weekly CoverKer Plunk! There is actually going to be a Sunday Edition this week and here it is. The "Joe" this week is going to be of a chilled nature since literally we are "embroiled" in our first summer heat wave. Let's get started!

Page 1 - The Week  that Was-or Wasn't: For awhile it seemed, Caitlin Jenner was out and Laverne Cox was back in. Laverne was featured this week on the cover of the first Entertainment Weekly's first LGBT issue in 15 years, as she poses as the Statue of Liberty in this striking shot. (Left) Who would ever have"thunk it?" Not in my life time.

Page 2.- More "Pride than Battle": I came across a Facebook post recently and it resonated with me-so I decided  to pass it along. It comes from "Long Island, New York" who in the dark ages of 1991 who was denied the right to celebrate "gay pride" with a parade. Today though, as the gay-rights movement's fight for for equality continues to win court battles locally, statewide and in the U.S. Supreme Court-Huntington won the right to celebrate "gay pride."  However,  it's important to know now, gay pride is not just "gay" anymore. It's transgender too. Tglb!
Page 3.- The Back Page: This is going to wrap up another Sunday Edition here in Cyrsti's Condo. In the next post I am going to pass along yesterday's experience of almost getting "photo bombed" at a local Native American festival! Thanks for stopping by!

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