Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude

Stilettos on Thin Ice!With all respects to all you Jimmy Buffett "Parrot Head" fans, I couldn't resist using one of his song titles as a lead to this post.

Before I get into it, I feel the need to pass along this disclaimer- none of the posts I ever write here on Cyrsti's Condo are ever intended to imply my progress with HRT or hair or anything I do makes me better than anyone else. To further that point, I provide the pictures I you can make your own decisions on the beautiful critter I am.

On the other hand, there are moments of pure fun and the opposite which the premise of this blog was built on. The "good, the bad and the ugly of Mtf transitioning." In fact my "Stilettos on Thin Ice" book was written about.

So much for my book plug and disclaimer. What this post is really about it is, I have grown quite used to wearing a very loose tank top of sorts around the house since it has been so hot. It's appropriate with Liz but not her 17 year old son. One "slip up" and I have an extremely good chance of suffering a fashion "mishap." Such a difference a year on HRT did make in the magical/mystical breast department. BUT- what is good for me does not make it good for you and the process is not without medical risk.

So, I had to change my shirt and get yet another lecture about not wearing the tank top out in public without something under it.

Damn puberty!