Friday, June 12, 2015

Amazon Invasion Ahead for the 'Nati"

The upcoming annual LGBT Cincinnati Pride celebration has literally grown leaps and bounds over the recent years. And, this year Erika Ervin ( transgender woman) will be the 2015 Grand Marshall and what a grand marshall she is!!! You see, Erika Ervin is also known as "Amazon Eve" and is the world's tallest model. She has been featured in 200+ newspapers and magazines and has tens of millions of hits on her websites. 

However, Erika's considerable stature or beauty combined can compare with her message of love and acceptance.

From her website:  

(Amazon) "Eve is a champion for ending child abuse & neglect, and an advocate for LGBT rights and those who suffer from AIDS. In addition, Amazon Eve is exploring the cessation of global economic and environmental skullduggery. Eve walks her talk and lives for personal fitness, maintaining a rigorous program to keep herself in top shape. “Accepting yourself at whatever shape nature has made you is the path to internal peace.”

Oh, by the way, before you start bemoaning how you are tall, Erika is 6'9"!

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