Friday, October 24, 2014

The "Golden Age" of Transitioning?

As sometimes happens, it seems Momma Karma throws a glob of spaghetti up on the wall of the Cyrsti's Condo kitchen here, just to see it if will stick.  This time the "glob" was made up of different ideas about transitioning later in life. Of course there was the latest post about 14 year old trans woman Jazz Jennings who I know some "purists" would consider to be "true transsexual" - because she was in the right place, at the right time,  with the right family and transitioned.

On the other side are the trans folks like me and on occasion, I get tons of feedback on my lot in life as a transgender woman. In fact,  Pat wrote me a very complimentary email concerning my Frock Magazine articles called "Frock of Ages", they deal only with the trials and tribulations of a later in life MtF gender transition. Thanks Pat! Of course, here in the Condo, you all get a taste of my noggin which is constantly throwing all kinds of gobs of spaghetti against what ever wall it can find. Including but not exclusively discussing, jumping the gender fence while you still can. (Before the Grim Reaper catches me!)

I almost called this post Deja Vu (which come to think of it would make quite the eclectic name!) Basically, it means having the sensation you have experienced your present, in your past. Isn't Deja Vu even stronger for transgender women and men because we have experienced so much-from the other side of the gender fence. Surely, most are rather mundane, but an example of one which isn't could be going to a football game, or a music concert or even to the mechanic to get your car fixed?

I also keep going back to Paula Goodwin's comments (and I paraphrase) at our age, less and less is new. She is right of course until you view the world from the polar opposite gender.  As my partner Liz says "how many humans have a second chance to build a new person?"

There is no simple answer to the pointless questions about "true transsexuals" of course. Just because Jazz Jennings can build her life from the ground up is a testament to her family and many who came before her. Remember how not so long ago, gender dysphoria was officially treated as a mental illness?

At any rate, I am not going to sit here and write about any golden age of transition-except in your noggin.  I finished one of my Frock articles by writing (and I'm sure you all who have transitioned more than me will agree) if you choose to go down this path-you will know if you are right.  The true test comes when the newness wears off quicker than the makeup you are putting on every morning! Genetic or not, "more mature" women need more "upkeep!"

When you get to the point of "Deja Vu" being one of your feminine experiences.  You know your male self has finally left the building.  Just tell him to "leave the gold!"

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