"Trans-Dar" versus "Trans-Nazi?"

Sounds like one of the old "Godzilla" flicks brought back in 3-D right?

My Cyrsti's Condo post "Why Straight Men Love Transgender Women" did bring response through my Google+ account, e-mail and here of course. I didn't get the response I didn't feel like I deserved though from my comment on "Suzi's" picture.  Pat commented:

The points you raise and those from Ms Suzi have merit. As a rule any person who spends time on their hygeine, attire, presentation etc will come across as more appealling than someone who does not. With respect to many CDs they devote a lot of time and effort into being as feminine as possible in their style, demeanor, deportment and presentation. It should surprise not one that men will respond favorably to overtly feminine presentations.

My point is (looking back), I probably sounded like some sort "I'm more trans than you" trans nazi with my comment-which would make me one of the most hypocritical peeps I know.  On the other hand, I write what I feel and if a person's picture looks like it was taken in a gay venue, enjoying a drag show with the queens-that's fine. Plus yes, you can find the occasional male "admirer" in a few gay venues. For the longest time though I was too dense to realize cis gay men really don't want much to do with most of us. I did see the queens getting attention and tried it myself with my big wigs, high heels, heavy makeup and short skirts. Used to call it "running with the queens" although I couldn't go very fast in my heels!  On more than a couple evenings I had a great time and have even considered doing drag again.

So, I apologize for even intimating I was any better than anyone else in our culture...cross dresser or what ever.  I'm not.  

More response coming up!