Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The "Allure" of a Boy in a Dress

In this sense, the "boy" doesn't have to be chronologically young, some males just never make it to "manhood".  It's just another of my pet peeves when someone on television says a transgender woman was born a man.  She was born male physically.

It's also no secret an easy way to make money for an organization is to find several "willing" participants who will dress as women.  Whatever the individual's motivation, some boys just make great looking girls or women.  Just look around at your local drag shows at the gay venues.
The blond is thinking - Really! Isn't that dress a bit too much!!! Bitch!!
Of course drag queens are one thing, but the allure of you and your male buddies just sitting around drinking beer and being asked to don women's clothes and makeup is a real fantasy.  Sort of like another chance at Halloween.  As attractive as some of the womanless pageant contestants were (or are), I am sure for most it's a "one and out" experience.  But for others, you just have to believe it isn't-and that too is part of the fantasy.

One thing is for sure, if you are attractive at all and there is a picture posted of you on line, it very well could be there for eternity. Cyrsti's Condo is an example. And, of course I have to make an off the comment being the cynical bitch I love to be!

I just found a couple other sites on Pinterest which have womanless pageant "boards" and of course there is the amazing center of womanless pageant pictures on Stana's Femulate site.

Damn Jim, the queen just invited us to amateur night at his gay club. Don't tell the girlfriends! 

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