Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Draco and the "Girls"

To clarify, the Draco in this post is my trans man friend and "the girls" are my breasts.

The reason I'm bringing Draco up again is he is having his FtM top surgery in a couple days.  For those of you who do not know what that is- he is surgically having his breasts removed.  At the same time of course that I am celebrating mine.  I wish him all the best of course and marvel at all he has taught me- if he knows it or not.  To catch all you newer Cyrsti's Condo visitors up, Draco and I go way back and essentially started to transition at the same time- although he has gone way past where I am. (Damn testosterone! :) )

From the first time I met Draco, he just didn't register female at all although I think he was struggling in the lesbian gray area sometimes called "Super Butches". Now his face is squaring off, his voice is going through puberty and if he isn't shaving's coming soon.  Good for him!

Being the gentleman that he has always been, he did offer to let me have his breasts.  But somehow, medical science hasn't caught up with that yet!  I do marvel though, at how breasts go so far in defining a gender.  He needs his gone to define him as a man and of course when I wake up in the morning with the girls, my mind thinks this is the way I was always supposed to be. And, how are the girls?  Since my two mammograms, much has happened. The first is my girls seem to be less dense and  filling out more in all directions. I'm noticing more development under my arms and in the area between the girls primarily.

So thanks anyhow Draco for your offer to share - you know I appreciate it!

I will be thinking of you the next couple days and wishing you a speedy recovery!!!! I know you have waited a long time!!!

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