Friday, May 23, 2014

"Weakly" Reader

Some of you "of age" and from the U.S. may remember the "Weekly Reader" at school when you were growing up.  Actually I found it started in 1928,  ceased and merged with another company in 2012, so for a moment, I didn't feel so ancient.

My reason for bringing it up is I'm only a week away from the Trans Ohio Symposium, this weekend is Memorial Day already and as of this moment I still only have Stilettos on Thin Ice ready for publication on the Kindle platform only. I'm still waiting to hear why the files didn't come across the same on Apple and Nook. I'm still hoping to publish today to give the book plenty of time to get into Amazon and maybe even a chance Barnes and Noble. (Which takes a little longer.) The goal of course is to network it at Trans Ohio.  We will see, at this point I'm a bit frustrated and aggravated but I will live.

In the meantime, I need to put the finishing touches on my workshop presentation next week as well as figure out all the details of what I'm wearing, times and all that fun stuff.  The symposium itself is being held at The Ohio State University Student Union which is approximately only a half hour from where I live, so travel isn't a worry. My partner Liz and I have volunteered to help work next Friday passing out and picking up classroom materials for all the educational and professional types which attend, so I will have to plan for that too.

All in all, I can't wait for the weekend! Last year, I'm sure I learned way more than anyone learned from me and I hope to double it this year.

In addition to the Symposium, The TGLBQ Pride events are starting up around my area in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.  Columbus is the biggest on the 20th of June and my friends and I already have rooms reserved in town for it.  The others are "iffy" or out because Cincinnati is the same weekend as the Symposium and Dayton the same day as a family reunion of sorts I have to go to.

Anyway you cut it, the summer is off to a busy start.  I need a vacation!!!!

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