This turned out to be a dbl "shoe post" by accident, which could describe many of my posts here in Cyrsti's Condo.

First, for the last couple weeks I have been corresponding back and forth with Bernie at  Le Dame Shoes   which you may recall me mentioning not too long ago.  It turns out (thanks to all of you) he received a good response and wanted to do more here on the blog later.  I was flattered and said sure and in the meantime he wanted to send me a pair to try out for my own.  Initially I said, I wasn't a "heels" type girl and he said I might be in his shoes.

Even though, I'm sure there are a certain percentage of your cynics who read the Condo already are thinking "Cyrsti got paid off with swag" (Connie) but it is true - I do love the shoes. I will have more to pass along later!

Speaking of Connie and our mini grammatical discussion of the book title (and a pesky apostrophe). She sent in this comment:

Well, I just assumed that you had but one stiletto on the ice, so "(My)Stiletto's on Thin Ice" would be correct. I'm also imagining your other foot, the one on solid ground, would be in a combat boot. Not too different from your one foot on the platform; the other foot on the train (not that the shoe need be a platform in this scenario). Anyway, if you need a proof reader or copywriter, just send your manuscript to me. Be aware, however, that this old teacher uses a lip liner pencil for corrections. :)

Connie, I'm fairly sure you would charge me mega dollars for all the lip liner you would have to use!  Plus you need it more than the book does! I can't wait for your new book "Smootchless in Seattle"

 I have decided to let the red marks lie where they fall and just get the thing published...I'm sure my old writing teachers will be spinning in their graves.