Ohio Proud

I'm from Ohio and know many who are happy to say they are from Ohio and not here now. It's a totally frustrating place which features the best (and worst) of rust belt urban settings all the way to a strong agricultural base.

This is the state which for some reason banned casino gambling for so many years while Indiana and Michigan made money from Ohioians crossing the border to gamble.  Ohio also is the state which stubbornly refuses to grant sweeping protections to all the TGLB community but at the same time it's capital city of Columbus is one of the top gay areas of the country.

You can compare Ohio to the warm and cold fronts which cause big storms when they collide. From the most liberal at places such as Antioch College to people speaking in tongues at the church down the street. It's all here.

Recently Columbus' 10TV ran a story of an Ohio mother who stood up and said "enough is enough" stop the bullying of her young transgender daughter:

You can comment on the video 10TV's Facebook page too.


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