All Ready?

Proving once again, time flies when you are having fun, or sleeping, I received my presenter application for the 2014 Trans Ohio Conference.

Last year my presentation was based on "Gender Transitioning Later in Life."  Assuming I didn't embarrass myself too badly last year,  I will be accepted to give it another go this year.  The only problem I had was time, of course I'm so much of a "ham", I could have spoken a few more minutes. Before everyone just got up and left!

Seriously, this year I'm thinking of adding more of a "gender fluid" piece to the presentation and removing the transgender veteran part.  It seemed there was little to no reaction to the trans vet section which was fine of course.  Lately though, I have been wondering if we "old peeps" are missing a valuable lesson which seems to be filtering through the younger parts of our community.

Recently here in Cyrsti's Condo, I passed along a post from a west coast college.  In it, the comment was made that fewer individuals were resorting to surgery to present their gender needs. I'm wondering if people in my age category who were presented with black and white gender choices all their lives, may be missing out on the gender fluid idea totally?  First, we were isolated and in the dark about what was going on with our gender identifications. Then, we went into the era of SRS being the answer to your gender problems and without the knife you were a pretender.  It's not such a radical thought if gender is between your ears, do all of us need SRS?

All of you know, I am biased and I don't really believe a store bought vagina makes me any more or less of a feminine person but I do respect those that do. Just not the ones who don't respect me.  One way or another, the subject certainly could result in a few lively discussions over adult beverages after the seminars.


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