Transgendered Taxation Without Representation

Over the years as an American I have taken my right to vote very seriously.
I have continually told friends who didn't vote, they didn't have a say-even when they said it didn't matter.
As an educated citizen, I have tried to cut through all the smoke screens and BS to vote the best I can.
Now, I have seen my future and have read this article which I'm about to pass along and realize my history of voting could be in jeopardy.. Check it out here.
How sad is it when my civil rights and other transgendered brothers and sisters can't even vote?  It's especially wrong that many such as I have served in the military to supposedly  protect the rights that are being denied?
Just an aside. It is tax time and I'm sure if I didn't pay my taxes because of my transgendered status I would be penalized.
I would like to thank one of my Canadian friends for passing this along!


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