Hormonal Update

Well, I can now say the first quarter is "in the book" I have been officially on the hormones now for 3 full months.
Along the way, I have documented the obvious. Most recently the crying binge and before that the first hot flashes and my skin drying out and becoming chaffed as if I spent the day out in subzero weather.
Of course, the beginning of breast development was an exciting experience.
The less obvious but much more important point I can't fail to overlook is the tremendous support of my friends.
I can safely say for most of my life I had many acquaintances and very few friends. Now the opposite is true.
The support and understanding I have received before I embarked on the hormone therapy was only exceeded by the support I received after I started.
Many of you I know read the blog and a few don't but to all of you I can only say any benefits from the hormones pales in comparison to knowing all of you!
Thanks more than I can say and I can't wait for the next three months!


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