STOP The Presses!

The page where Jenna's profile appeared was withdrawn CLICK HERE!
In just 24 hours after Missosology.Org reported that Miss Universe Canada has accepted a transsexual in the name of Jenna Talackova, as one of their 2012 finalists, reactions, both pros and antis, spread like wildfire. While the comments are in form of healthy debate, something weird happened. The profile of Jenna is no longer available on the official Miss Universe Canada website. She was not also in the official list of finalists! What happened? Missosology is not so sure. Jenna today, contacted Missosology to change her photo in the forum. Meanwhile, we intend to contact the Miss Universe Canada Organization regarding the issue.
So, what do you think happened?
a.) Miss Universe Canada was duped in believing that Jenna is a woman
b.) Miss Universe Canada decided to kick her out because of the controversy that he/she created
c.) Jenna herself decided not to join

Here are some of the photos of Jenna sent to Missosology
Jenna Talackova