Friday, March 30, 2012

New Video and Transgendered Television

I just posted a new video to our "Entertainment Center" here in the Condo sent along to me by a friend. The video contains a clip by "LoreleiLaneLee" a self proclaimed gay man who enjoys singing as a woman (and looks very good doing it!)
Also today another friend alerted me to the fact that "Doctor Oz" was going to be doing a new show on transgendered women.
This was good news for the transgendered community because "Doctor Oz" is the "Anti Jerry Springer". He could be trusted to provide a positive look at our lives-which he did.
Dr. McGinn at the Glaad Awards.
I'm sure you will be able to follow the link above to see excerpts of the show. Highlights included "Dr. Christine McGinn", another transgendered woman herself who is now a leading surgeon doing SRS.
Throughout the show, she took great pains to point out gender confusion was a correctable medical condition.
The two or three other guests also did their best to tell the world being transgendered was not a decision.
The show did a nice job of balancing the beauty of McGinn and the others who like most of us aren't that fortunate!
Finally, I do think shows like these have a tendency to locate and promote the "feel good" aspect of friends, family and work accepting those who have transitioned.
We all know that is a fantasy many of us struggle to achieve.
Having said that, the world needs to see it can work and don't think it can't happen to them. (with a close family member!)

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