The "Third" Gender?

I'm passing along a post I wrote on another site in response to a "third gender" question.
I really dislike labels and even adding a new one but here was my response:

"Back in the day" I really never considered myself as a member of a third gender.
I was merely a guy who enjoyed being a girl on occasion and was told I did it rather well.
As life progressed, I found I was much more than a guy in a dress.
I also found I didn't fit in all of the so called transgendered groups.
Discovered I was too much girl for the crossdressers and not enough girl for the transsexuals.  Overally interested men figured I was sexually promiscuous as some gay men or drag queens tend to be. Lesbian or straight women were for the most part just wary and stand offish.
In the midst of all these problems, it occurred to me I was a third gender.
I thought and acted more and more feminine. Innately I was attracted to a softer life with music and even developed a love for "chick flicks."
So here I was, starting estrogen and feeling female changes in my physical body but still remaining a biological male.
Of course ancient Native American cultures (as well as others) believed and even looked up to "dual gender" individuals.  Increasingly, I became more than an interested observer of the cultures-I believed in their gender ideas. Why? Because I was living the life of a Third Gender person more and more.
Casual acquaintances ask me why their opposite gender mates think a certain way and  I am developing a whole new circle of friends who respect me- for me. Curiously, I'm at the same place I always was in the transgendered community with many.
Perhaps it's all just too complex for them or me to understand!"